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Poetry Victims - Guest Artist Ed Baker

Volume 6, Issue 6 of Poetry Victims is now online, featuring art by Ed Baker and Poetry by Dorien Grey.

Check it out!


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Page of Swords, Veryshopped; coloredpencil on card, pho'shpt; 2005-2009

Page of Swords, Veryshopped; coloredpencil on card, pho'shpt; 2005-2009

drew myself a deck on 3x5 index cards years ago and since been dolling them up.

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REM vision

REM vision
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Call for Submissions: Sacred Memories: Cross-Cultural Celebrations of Day of the Dead (deadline August 1)

From October 19 to November 27, 2009, El Pueblo Historical Monument
will present Sacred Memories: Cross-Cultural Celebrations of Day of the
Dead. Sacred Memories follows El Pueblo $B!G (Bs acclaimed 2007 exhibition
which explored celebrations that venerate the departed including Dia de
los Muertos, first observed by the indigenous people of Latin America,
China $B!G (Bs Qingming, and other rituals practiced in United States,
Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Artists are asked to submit for
consideration two and three-dimensional work (including ofrendas/altars)
that examines rituals honoring the deceased and/or pays tribute to
departed ancestors.

Submissions should be sent to:
History Division, El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument
125 Paseo de la Plaza, Suite 400

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5 of Cups, Slightlyshpt; coloredpencils3x5index; 2005-09

5 of Cups, Slightlyshpt; coloredpencils3x5index; 2005-09

Another recently altered in the deck I drew me

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Arts Education Teacher Training Opportunity at the Skirball (Los Angeles area)

Skirball Cultural Center, School and Teacher Programs Proudly presents:

Teaching Our World Through the Arts, 2009-2010

Become an Arts Educator-even if you can't dance or sing!
No prior experience required.
Teach core subjects using music, drama, movement, film, photography, and other media.
Learn arts-based techniques to help bring your curriculum to life.
Develop activities and lessons around visual and performing arts presented in your school community.
Teaching Our World through the Arts is a multidisciplinary program comprised of four distinct strands, each covering one specific genre of the arts. Each strand consists of four full Saturdays of highly interactive training as well as a live performance or exhibition tour-at no additional charge!

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Hip Hop Dance Festival CALL FOR WORK (deadline June 15)

Hip Hop Dance Festival
Deadline for submission: June 15, 2009

The J.U.i.C.E. Hip Hop Dance Festival is an annual showcase of cutting-edge street dance choreography and hip hop culture produced by J.U.i.C.E. (Justice By Uniting In Creative Energy) at the outdoor, 1241-seat Ford Amphitheatre. It will take place on Sat. Oct. 3rd, 2009.

JHHDF unites the rhythmic virtuosity and extreme physicality of street dance to “expand [hip hop’s] creative horizons†(Lewis Segal, L.A. Times).†Artistic Directors Amy “Catfox†Campion and Jacob “Kujo†Lyons bring LA’s freshest street dance choreographers to the stage to celebrate and to reinvent hip hop culture.


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Anyone in LA want to learn to weave? On a really big loom?

A Call for Artists/Craftspeople: Weaving Opportunity
Posted by: ""
Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:27 pm (PDT)

I have constructed a gigantic loom in my Project Space in Lincoln Heights, workspace.
The warp spans the entire length of the front room, using the walls for tension and support.

I am hoping that people will bring their own materials, everything from yarn to old clothing, bed sheets, fiber, old bathing suits, plastic bags, and anything else that can be cut into strips and stuck into this very simple apparatus.

It will only take 5 minutes for me to teach you how to weave, and the more the merrier. You can weave one inch, or more, it's up to you.

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Screenplay Competition - deadline May 1

Final Call for Submissions:


Deadline: May 1st - Winner receives $10,000, finalists $1500

Since 1998, BlueCat consistently develops, recognizes and rewards the great, undiscovered screenwriter. Every entry receives a written analysis by the contest judges,

something unheard of in most screenwriting competitions.

Want tips? Visit our site for articles on all aspects of screenwriting.


Our alumni sell scripts, secure representation,

direct award-winning films, and build careers.

BlueCat's 2005 winner, BALLS OUT: The Gary Houseman Story, starring Sean William Scott, was released by Sony in early 2009.

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Page of Cups, slightlyshop't; colored pencils on index cards, pho'shp; 2005-2009

Page of Cups, slightlyshop't; colored pencils on index cards, pho'shp; 2005-2009

another new version of one of the deck I for myself on three by five Florida...several years ago...based loosely on Ryder deck....

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