AMP connects artists and behind-the-scenes collaborators of all genres, including musicians, painters, performance artists, writers, dancers, and many more, with resources, opportunities, and personal connections. Many AMPers also provide free temporary lodging for other members. With thousands of members in 86 countries, AMP enthusiastically and energetically builds bridges between artists, audiences, and producers through our website, as well as at AMP-hosted parties and multimedia events worldwide. AMP is free to join. The only 'cost' is your energy and enthusiasm in building a global artistic community and helping fellow artists.
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Call for Applications: Residency, Centro Colombo Americano Medellín (deadline November 30)

The Centro Colombo Americano Medellín is a non-profit Colombian institution that promotes development through academic and cultural programs, fostering extensive exchange with the United States and the world.

In cooperation with the Unesco-Aschberg Bursaries For Artists Programme, the Centro Colombo Americano offers a residency from 1 October - 10 December 2011, covering, among other things, round trip ticket, lodging as well as approximately US$ 1,500 to cover meals and local transportation

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call for short films

3, a short, short film festival

This growing international festival is celebrating its second year!

We're looking for films, three minutes or less.


For information and an application:

from Franklin Furnace

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Open call for plastic bags

Do you have a stockpile of plastic bags taking up storage space in your place? I will be glad to take them off your hands if you send me an email:

I have been making art with used plastic bags for the past seven years. This is part of my commitment help stop plastic pollution of the planet. For more information about how plastic pollution has reached dangerous proportions
and must be stopped, view this short video on TED talks:

Many thanks for your help!

from Franklin Furnace

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Gyeonggi Creation Center Residency Studio Program: 2011 Call For Artists and Curators

Gyeonggi Creation Center
T 82.32.890.4820/4825
400-3 Seongam-dong
Danwon-gu, Ansan-si
(425-310) Korea

Gyeonggi Creation Center Residency Studio Program: 2011 Call For Artists and Curators

Gyeonggi Creation Center supports creative work and research for domestic and foreign artists and curators through an art residency alongside a wide range of programs and facilities. GCC acts as a platform to gather artists and curators from all over the world for international exchange and as an experimental and progressive contemporary art center to collectively engage and cultivate synergy among artists of various genres.

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Job Relations Manager

The Venue Relations Manager has responsibility for developing and
maintaining all venue relationships for Goldstar in a TBD Goldstar market.
As the manager of an important and growing market, this person will need to
have the ability to establish new relationships and to nurture and manage
existing ones. This person will work with venue partners on everyday issues
like event listings, ticket allocations, and event logistics and also on
long-term strategic issues like making sure the venue partners understand
and value what Goldstar brings them, making certain the relationship is on a
strong foundation with those inside the organization and that the venue
truly considers itself a partner.

It's an office-based job located in Pasadena and requires phone and email

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JOB: PT Administrator, Circle X Theatre Co. (deadline December 1)

Circle X Theatre Co. is seeking a part-time (20 hr/wk) administrator to assist with operations in Circle X and EST-LA's new performance space, Atwater Village Theatre. The ideal candidate will connect with Circle X's mission (please read through prior to applying), and will be interested in learning about theatre management. The position includes assisting with the development and marketing departments, as well as coordinating rentals and working closely with Circle X's artistic director.

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Hydrophonia_5: Call for Sound Artists, Electro-acoustic composers,
bio-acoustic researchers, hydrophone recordists, DIY hydrophone
builders, or anyone with a good theme/idea for a hydrophone workshop,
performance, film screening, installation or lecture/demonstration.

Deadline: November 30 2010

Hydrophonia, the only sound art festival devoted to hydrophone based
sound art and raising public awareness about the issues of anthropogenic
ocean noise is currently soliciting proposals for Hydrophonia Festival 5
in 2011.

Although Hydrophonia is open to ideas, here is a list of what we are
currently interested in receiving proposals for:

• the history of hydrophone recording
∘ hydrophone development during WWI, WWII and Cold War
• beam forming for n00bs

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Having fun....opened shop on Etsy

I have decided to have some fun with my creativity and try to make some money, so I opened a shop on Etsy: TheLittleAlchemist.

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My jealousy is larger than you

My jealousy is larger than you
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About being spontaneous

There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous. He must paint on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush and black water paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment. Erasures or changes are impossible. These artists must practise a particular discipline, that of allowing the idea to express itself in communication with their hands in such a direct way that deliberation cannot interfere. The resulting pictures lack the complex composition and textures of ordinary painting, but it is said that those who see will find some thing captured that escapes explanation.

— Bill Evans.

liner notes for the "Kind of Blue" album

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