AMP connects artists and behind-the-scenes collaborators of all genres, including musicians, painters, performance artists, writers, dancers, and many more, with resources, opportunities, and personal connections. Many AMPers also provide free temporary lodging for other members. With thousands of members in 86 countries, AMP enthusiastically and energetically builds bridges between artists, audiences, and producers through our website, as well as at AMP-hosted parties and multimedia events worldwide. AMP is free to join. The only 'cost' is your energy and enthusiasm in building a global artistic community and helping fellow artists.
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stil life0707

stil life0707
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Electric Lodge Seeking Production Proposals

The Electric Lodge, a solar powered Visual and Performing Arts Center, in the heart of Venice, is now accepting proposals for a production in October - December 2009.

We are looking to host Dance, Music, Theater or Performance Art during that time span with a minimum run of one weekend and a maximum of 6 weekends. Prices are incredibly affordable. Please check website ( for detailed rental information.

A week is considered Thurs-Sun up to 5 shows per week. We are a fully professional theater with ETC lighting equipment, 48 Dimmers and over 60 instruments. We have a FREE parking lot for patrons. Our theater, a black box, modular space, is currently set in our standard configuration to accommodate 97 people.

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Calling All Artists and Arts Organizations Across Santa Monica - June 26


Arts:Earth Partnership Launches
at Santa Monica Museum of Art

Santa Monica, CA. (June 8, 2009) The Arts are going Green! The City of Santa Monica's Cultural Affairs Division and Office of Sustainability and the Environment's have created a unique partnership with Arts:Earth Partnership (AEP), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the cultural and creative sector become sustainable. AEP is a voluntary coalition of cultural facilities, theaters, museums, dance studios, art galleries, performing arts companies and individual artists collectively committed to achieving environmental sustainability.

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Call for Los Angeles-based artists

Mount St. Mary's College

Jose Drudis-Biada Art Gallery is taking submissions for consideration for future shows. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting Los Angeles-based artists. Contemporary art in all mediums and content is encouraged.
If you are submitting by CD, please include two printed images. Please include a SASE for returned materials.
Send Materials to:
Mount St. Mary's College
Jose Drudis-Biada Art Gallery
12001 Chalon Rd
LA, CA 90049

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BED! call for art, deadline Feb. 8, 2010

call for art, deadline Feb. 8, 2010

Hello Creative Soul-

This is a personal invitation--I would like you to consider contributing a photograph and/or picture/poem/mixed media piece of your BED, for my upcoming group art show which I am curating.

The deadline is Feb. 8, 2010 (my 37th birthday-heehee).

any dimensions, materials, interpretations welcome.

The exhibit will be presented in 2010 at a venue in Spokane, Washington. Probably the Hoot Owl Fellowship Hall (2016 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane) and/or Kolva/Sullivan Gallery (115 S. Adams, Spokane).

Feel free to spread the word, and foward this email to interested folks.

ANy questions, call/email/write me.

There are already 12 participants from around the world, including Italy, Ireland and NYC.

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Call for participation in Cannons & Muses project

Call for participation in Cannons & Muses project

This is a call to participate in the Cannons & Muses project. The project is an endeavor, a project, which came to be during the last war in Gaza (December 2008) and whose agenda is to face the question: What is the Artist`s role, and Art`s role, in Time of Major Crisis. Please forward this to anyone you think will be interested.

Cannons & Muses has begun being an International Collaboration including, by now, Israel, Japan, Germany and Ireland. There is no US group yet, but a few interested artists and establishments, primarily in New York & California.

There are a couple of things that may be a way for you to get to know the project and join in if you wish:

a) The Website:

Please, check out the CnM website:

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Nightshift shows call for artists (deadline July 7)

Nightshift shows call for artists

Dear Artist-

I am the organizer of the Nightshift shows; a series of shows featuring the work of artist assistants, art handlers, gallery employees and arts organization employees. The third installment of the show is going up at the Hudson Guild Gallery this August, and we are now looking for qualified applicants. This years show is called "Back Stage" and is being currated by Sara Pringle. The deadline for consideration is July 7th. Interested artists should send three jpg images or website addresses directly to Sara Pringle at

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Call for artists for Bereznitsky Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

Call for artists for Bereznitsky Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine



July 10 - August 16 2009

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Call for participation: Art project “Your Secret is Safe with Me” (deadline July 12)

Call for participation:

Art project “Your Secret is Safe with Me”

I am currently preparing a show at

“Tresor” is a gallery located in what used to be the strong room of the German Railway Headquarters in Stuttgart. I am aiming to fill the safe in this strong room with secrets from people all over the world, in as many languages as possible and your anonymous participation is needed, welcome, appreciated and wanted.

How you can participate:

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Artist grants for equipment & tools

Artist grants for equipment & tools

Center for Creative Innovation's Investing in Artists grants program is designed to enhance the working lives and creative environment for individual artists in California by funding tools and market strategies that will allow artists to create their best work more consistently, and distribute that work more broadly to new audiences. Applications for Round IV of the program are due on July 15, 2009. In this fourth round of funding, applications will be accepted in the Artistic Equipment & Tools category and in the Artistic Innovation category for Performing Arts and Media Arts.

For more information, visit

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