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National Museum of the American Indian Art, Deadline Varies. Grants up to
$15K for Native American and Native Hawaiian artists for contemporary arts
through publication, performance, and personal artistic development. Info
and app

Guitar Center Music Foundation, Deadline: Open. Grants from $500 to $5K
each to aid nonprofit music programs that offer music instruction. Info and
app at

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Deadline: Open. Grants up to $200K to
nonprofits and consortia working to strengthen the health of dance, jazz,
presenting, or the theater arts. Info and app at

Green Foundation, Deadline Open. Grants between $5K and $500K for arts
education and outreach in schools, colleges and artistic institutions. Info
and app at>

Irvine Foundation Creative Connections Fund, Deadline: March 6 - August 3.
Grants up to $50K for creativity and cultural offerings. Info and app at

VSA Arts and CVS "Celebrating Who I Am," Children's Art, March 6. Five
awards of $1K to encourage young people with and without disabilities to
create visual art. Info and app at

Institute of Museum and Library Services 21st Century Museum Professionals,
Deadline March 16. Grants up to $500K for museums, museum service
organizations, or universities to enhance the professional development.
Info and app at

First Nations Composer Initiative Common Ground Grant Program, Deadline:
April 1. Individual awards of $500 - $7,500 to give immediate financial
boost to makers of new music. Info and app at

Endangered Language Fund, Deadline: April 20. Grants of $2K for endangered
language maintenance and linguistic field work with consideration given to
projects involving children. Info and app at

Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Distribution Grants,
Deadline: June 19. Grants of $5K - $30K to documentary photographers with
work on issues of social justice, to collaborate with a partner organization
using photography as a tool for positive social change. Info and app at

Chamber Music America, Deadline April 3. Grants for commissioning fees,
copying, and rehearsal honoraria to support the commission of contemporary
music. Info and App at

Endangered Language Fund, Deadline April 20. Grants up to $2K for field
research on endangered languages in native communities. Info and app

Getty Editorial Photographer Grant, Deadlines May 15 / November 15. Grants
of $15K for 2 photographers to raise awareness about the issues and work in
non profit orgs.

The Getty Images Grants Program, Deadline: April 15. Grants for
photographers who promote positive change in our world. Info and app at

First Peoples Fund Community Spirit Awards, Deadline June 15. 4 grants up
to $5K each for American Indian artists for community contributions. Info
and app
Fund International Documentary Projects, Deadline November 18. Grants for films and videos on human rights, social justice, and civil liberties. Info and app at


US Department of Education Forecast of Funding Opportunities

California Department of Education UPCOMING DEADLINES

The Chronicle of Higher Education*,grant*'


FINRA Investor Education Foundation Grant Program, Deadline: Open. No minimum or maximum. Awards for projects that provide Americans with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for financial success and projects that reach seniors and first-time investors. Info and app at

Horace Mann Scholarships, Deadline: March 12. Scholarships of $500 to $5K
for public and private school K-12 educators to take college courses. Info
and app at

Women Helping Others Foundation Education/Literacy Grants, Deadline: March
17. Grants up to $5K to support after school education and literacy
programs. Info and app at

Hewlett-Packard Foundation Secondary School Grants. Deadline: March 30.
Grants of $500-$9K for public school district or private schools that serve
at least 2,000 secondary students to enhance learning in pre-engineering,
mathematics, science, and/or computer science. Info and app at

ING Unsung Heroes Program, Deadline: April 30. Grants up to $25K for K-12
educators and schools for classroom projects. Info and app

NEA Foundation Student Achievement and Learning & Leadership Grants,
Deadline: June 1 and October 15. $2K for individuals and $5K for groups to engage professional development. Info and app at


Applied Materials Corporate Giving Program -
Public affairs

Seagate Technology LLC Corporate Giving Program-
Arts; Civil/human rights; Disasters, preparedness/services; Economically disadvantaged; Education; Elementary/secondary education; Engineering/technology; Environment; Food services; Health care; Housing/shelter; Human services; Mathematics; Minorities; Public affairs; Recreation; Science NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL

QUALCOMM Incorporated Corporate Giving Program -
Arts; Children, services; Education; Health care; Human services

First American Financial Foundation -
Arts; Boy scouts; Boys & girls clubs; Community development, neighborhood development; Education; Higher education; Human services; Performing arts centers

Hilton Hotels Corporation Contributions -
Elementary/secondary education; Homeless; Public affairs; Public policy, research; Youth development

eBay Foundation -
Economic development NATIONAL

Blue Shield of California Foundation -
Crime/violence prevention, domestic violence; Crime/violence prevention, youth; Economically disadvantaged; Family services, domestic violence; Health care; Science

Genentech Access To Care Foundation -
Economically disadvantaged

Genentech Foundation -
Cancer; Community/economic development; Education; Graduate/professional education; Health care; Health care, patient services; Health organizations; Higher education; Immunology; Libraries (public); Public affairs; Science

Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences -
Biological sciences; Biomedicine; Economically disadvantaged;
Elementary/secondary education; Higher education; Medical research; Medical school/education; Minorities; Museums; Science

Genentech, Inc. Corporate Giving Program -
Cancer; General charitable giving; Health care; Science


The Charles Schwab Foundation -
Arts; Boys & girls clubs; Human services; Human services, financial counseling NATIONAL

AMD Corporate Giving Program -
China; Disasters, preparedness/services; Economically disadvantaged;
Education; Engineering/technology; Food services; Germany; Health care;
Housing/shelter; Human services NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL

Mattel Children's Foundation -
AIDS; Arts; Athletics/sports, Special Olympics; Children, services;
Education; Education, reading; Girls; Health care; Hospitals (general);
Human services; Youth development NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL

Mattel, Inc. Corporate Giving Program -
Children, services NATIONAL


GFEM Media Database
The GFEM Media Database is a new online portal that
allows media funders to learn about quality media projects posted by grantseekers.

Iaspis: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists
* Iaspis is the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists. Iaspis encompasses an international studio program in Sweden and abroad, a support structure for exhibitions and residencies abroad for Swedish based artists, as well as a program of seminars, exhibitions and publications.
* The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is a government agency responsible for grants and remunerations to individual artists in the field of visual art, design, craft, architecture, music, theatre, dance and film. It also support international exchanges and keeps itself informed about artists' financial and social situations.
Contact: Robert Stasinski, Project Manager
Iaspis/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Tel +46 8-50 65 50 76
Maria Skolgata 83
118 53 Stockholm

Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative
Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage
1608 Walnut Street, 18th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103