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Wouldn't it be nice if, when you went to a new part of the world, you knew what to do, where to go, and who to talk to? Your life as an artist would be so much more fun, efficient, productive, and easy.

AMP depends on your submissions to keep the World Art Directory growing! The World Art Directory is free to be accessed by artists anywhere in the world.

Please email AMP at with any and all information about resources in your part of the world, including:

* Groups and Group Activities, such as artist groups, communities, associations & clubs, and group projects

* Spaces & Venues (theaters, music clubs, and more)

* Festivals, Fairs, and Event Listings - basically, any resource you would use if you were looking for an art event in your town

* Materials, Supplies & Services (like publicity & marketing, agents & agencies, producers, art dealers, and your favorite places to get materials & supplies)

* Art Centers & Foundations

* Galleries, Museums, & Exhibition Venues

* places to get an arts education, including schools and lessons

* anything offering arts-related business assistance

* Residencies, Exchange Programs & Living Situations

Did we miss anything? Again, please email with any and all information that would help an artist get by in your part of the world.

Thank you!