AMP connects artists and behind-the-scenes collaborators of all genres, including musicians, painters, performance artists, writers, dancers, and many more, with resources, opportunities, and personal connections. Many AMPers also provide free temporary lodging for other members. With thousands of members in 86 countries, AMP enthusiastically and energetically builds bridges between artists, audiences, and producers through our website, as well as at AMP-hosted parties and multimedia events worldwide. AMP is free to join. The only 'cost' is your energy and enthusiasm in building a global artistic community and helping fellow artists.
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INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES "Library Thoughts", Budapest 2011

"Library Thoughts", Budapest 2011
Deadline: 03/15/11

The HMC announces an open call for entries to exhibit at Raday Konyveshaz & Gallery, Budapest, exhibition opening on August 24, 2011.

from LA Culture Net

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Happy Birthday AMP!

On February 15, 2006, the AMP website went live.

Happy 5th birthday, AMP!

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Do YOU support yourself with your art?

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Center for Book Arts call for artists, deadline April 29


The Center for Book Arts is pleased to invite Artist Members to submit
artworks produced post 2005 to be considered for the 2011 Artist Members
Exhibition tentatively titled: The Photograph Un[framed]. The exhibition is
to be organized by Doug Beube, Mixed-Media Artist and Photographer, Curator
of Allan Chasanoff Book Works Collection, and Adjunct Professor in the
Department of Photography at Parsons New School of Design, and Alexander
Campos, Executive Director and Curator, The Center for Book Arts. This
exhibition, featuring current members of CBA's artistic community and other
invited artists whose work will further the discourse, will focus on how the

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Experimental TV Center offers finishing funds, deadline March 15


Guidelines and applications are available on the web at

FINISHING FUNDS provides media and new media artists with grants up to
$2,500 to help with the completion of diverse and innovative moving-image
and sonic art projects, and works for the Web and new technologies. Eligible
forms include film and video as single or multiple channel presentation,
computer based moving-imagery and sound works, installations and
performances, interactive works and works for new technologies, DVD,
multimedia and the Web. We also support new media, and interactive
performance. Work must be surprising, creative and approach the various

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Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, MA, Ph.D., and Professional Artist's Development Courses. Call for applications.

Call for applications

Royal Institute of Art
Box 163 15
S-103 26 Stockholm
Phone: +46-86144000
Fax: +46-86798626

Last application date is 1st of March 2011 for the Master´s Programme and the Professional Artist´s Development Courses.
Last application date is 14th of March 2011 for Mejan Residents and the Doctoral position (Ph.D.).

With a prominent history dating back to 1735, the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (KKH) is one of the oldest higher education art institutes in Europe. Over the years many of our graduates have gone on to pursue highly successful international careers as artists.

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Journal of Aesthetics and Protest: Issue #8 Submission Call- Grassroots Modernism

Submission Call #8
Grassroots Modernism- movement for today's tomorrow.

We hear of rigorously pedestrian, joyful projects.
We hear of projects,we hear of movements.
Rumor has it that they are adamant. Present and grounded. Utopian.
Rumor has it that they are creative and common and critically minded, and that they can blow our minds.
Rumor has it that while the conditions can only be local, the ideals can find international support.

We are smart as hell, queer and quotidian. Just like the neighbors.
Its movement time again.
Utopia tomorrow. Hard work today. Hopefully, your situation allows it that you can enjoy the nights.


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Bass Museum of Art announces the Knight Curatorial Fellowship

In March 2011, The Bass Museum of Art will initiate the first of three, one-year curatorial fellowships focusing on contemporary art thanks to generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of its Knight Arts Challenge.

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Cuaderno de campo. de marismas, ríos y mares

front cover Cuaderno de campo: de marismas, ríos y mares

A few days ago was the new album on CD Baby.
An intimate work that worships nature. Fourteen pieces Trii formation rhythms and harmonies and romantic impressionist style.

You can hear some samples on the link below.

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front cover Cuaderno de campo: de marismas, ríos y mares

front cover Cuaderno de campo: de marismas, ríos y mares
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