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This week’s episode is produced by Ben Piper out of Seattle, Washington… Here are a few words of episode introduction from Ben:

“Hello fellow devoted listeners. My name is Ben and this is my first episode. Welcome to BenPR.

Today’s show explores the theme of duality, and includes:

An interview with BMX cyclist and Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson.
A segment called Kids Write the Darndest Things featuring Spinach and Zucchini: Parts One through Three - a story I began writing 18 years ago and just finished this month.
Ben and Amanda Review Movies They Haven’t Seen - in which my fiancée and I weigh in on which movies we will and won’t be seeing in the next few weeks.
Music from local Seattle Band The Tallboys.

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4 of Cups; pencil, colored pencil, VeryShopped; 2005-2008

4 of Cups; pencil, colored pencil, VeryShopped; 2005-2008

drew these on index cards for my own use a few yrs.ago; lately been photoshoppering them.
No art skool. art crude, unframed, brutish, intuitive, whatever the word is these days.

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Some cool new short films (some animated) to watch online

The whole email I got from e-flux is below, but click here to go directly to the latest films:

It's nice to view them in higher quality, and even nicer to view them in full screen (click the little box on the right of the controls under the film, once it starts). Like having your own FREE experimental film festival at home.


The New Animation:
new animation by artists
to view online now

Animate Projects
London, UK

Animate Projects presents its new commissioned films online.

AnimateTV 2008
Seven extraordinary films, commissioned in association with Channel 4 and Arts Council England.

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10 Minute Musicals Wanted!!!

10-Minute Musicals Wanted: The Blank Theatre Company is producing an
evening of new 10-Minute Musicals for a special musical theater night of the
company's Living Room Series. The Blank Theatre Company's Living Room
Series puts new work up on its feet in the form of fully staged readings- a
unique opportunity for writers to experience their latest projects coming
alive, for talented, participating artists to stretch their boundaries, and
for enthusiastic audiences to be the first to see brand new work. The
10-Minute Musical Evening will take place in the spring of 2009. Please
email scripts and digital song recordings to and visit for more information about the company.


Sara Israel

Literary Manager

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As composer


Hi there:

Well, I want to say I´m leaving the scene, in this time I have saw as musicians are more interested for money and less for art.

For this reason, I have decided work only in my compositions.

You can to get ever mmy music in several sites, but specially in Cdbaby, they´re working witu my discography for a lot of time.

Thanks for to be there.

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The Great Party

The Great Party

My latest painting:

The Great Party

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Subway Life

an artist's project
people drawn on subways all over the world

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Dr. Seuss Parody Page

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