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Machinima Project Seeks Producers and Contributors

AV451 Movie Poster by Wayne Graves

Our Story:
Machinima is animation using a game or virtual world engine to create real time action. My associate, Wayne Graves, produced a short series called AV451 for under $400 and poor equipment. Now, our goal now is to do the full-length film with hired talent and proper equipment to give it a crisper, more professional look. Backed by a quality animated film, we are gearing up to start a small online machinima community with writing classes and collaborative projects to further the art.

The AV451 story:
Lieutenant Maverick Burke awakes from cryogenic sleep to find no operating crew and the ship in the hands of a pirate clan. The ex special ops officer finds himself responsible for the remaining passengers of Colonial Transport AV451 and the dark secret it holds.

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New! IdeaGems Magazine

Cover Art: Barbados No 1 by 92 year old artist, June Stevenson

For the past 6 years, we have been running with the title ADVENTURES FOR THE AVERAGE WOMAN, which was meant as a tongue-in-cheek commentary about how women often feel about themselves and their abilities. In truth, no woman should ever feel average, and several have expressed as much about our magazine’s title. So, in the spirit of respect for our readers’ and critics’ opinions, we are now going to adopt the title IDEAGEMS MAGAZINE. We will still remain the showcase for all the undiscovered literary and artistic treasures out there. Moreover, we are staying true to our mission to give writers their first break in the world of publishing.

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Literature doesn't get tougher than this!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! True crime, poetry from prison, gritty literature, dark fantasy, and more! Check out our TOUGH LIT III issue: Just click on the cover page to order print copy or PDF Download. Click on the Amazon Kindle button to order the Kindle version. Your purchase helps us in our mission to promote women writers and artists.

As always, I am looking for submissions of stories, poems, artwork, and photography. I'm proud to say that my little "penny dreadful" publication has become an internationally recognized magazine going on its 7th year. This 'zine--my painstaking labor of love--provides a platform for writers and artists to showcase their work! We have feature AMP artists Linda Kent, Maddy Rosenberg, and others.

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'Tis the Season for Writing Horror!

The Art of Writing Horror


Do you have nightmarish notions to spin into terrifying tales? With Halloween just around the corner, try your hand at writing horror. Learn how the masters of horror do it, build up your beast of a story, and get it published or turned into a screenplay. To further explore and learn more, go to

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Get some TOUGH LIT


Check out our special TOUGH LIT issue of Adventures for the Average Woman ( where we cover true crime writing, prison lit, grit lit, and edgy adventure! We're gearing up for TOUGH LIT II due out this winter, so if you have stories, artwork, photography to submit, bring it on! Email

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Summer Issue and other news

Summer Issue Cover Page

Check out our current issue of Adventures for the Average Woman. We have some terrific artwork featured!

Other news: We have a special issue, TOUGH LIT devoted to crime and mystery writers due out this month. Stay posted to

AND I'll soon be teaching an online university course called The Art of Writing Horror. It is my hope to get another publication going on the topic of horror, including horror artwork. Start date: TBA. If you have horror artwork, we'd be happy to include it. Contact me at

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Call for submissions for special AMP issues

Cover page from Fall 209 issue featuring Steampunk Band Abney Park

After 5 years, our magazine devoted to women writers' and artists is still going! We are planning on doing SEVERAL issues featuring AMP MEMBERS ONLY! If you have artwork, photography, stories, poems, articles, please contact Laurie Notch at or Jillian Littlefield at

Unfortunately, we cannot pay our artists and writers for their work, but our magazine gives free press to up-and-comers who retain all rights to their work to submit to other publications. We were recently listed as one of Writers Market's choice picks, and we are listed through the International Women Writers Guild.

Check out our website at

For more information, contact Laurie Notch at

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All, right. So I have been a real delinquent with AMP. I haven't posted since August of last year! I most humbly apologize by offering up this terrific chance for all artists on AMP to participate in one great contest. Go to to find out about the international "Art All Around" contest in Maine. You never know... your artwork could be the next big beautifying bit since Guernica!

Since moving to Maine, I have been very busy becoming part of the creative economy. My 'zine, "Adventures for the Average Woman," is still alive and kickin' with new prose, poems, and paintings. Check out the new issue at

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And In This Corner...

You've heard of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), Smack Down, and Raw. Now get ready to rumble with AWE: Americans Wrestling the Economy!

Tonight's main event occurring on the U.S.-shaped apron pits business-suited bozark, Typhoon Laurie, against (with voice echo effect) The Economy. Tag teaming with Typhoon are (more voice echo effect) Education and Experience. The Economy is joined by (here's that echo effect again) Monster Workforce and Cost of Living.

The bell has sounded. Typhoon is hoisted up by Education and Experience to a highspot where she opens up with a flying squirrel landing her smack dab on Monster Workforce's burly back. MW attempts a dervish but can't shake her. Education and Experience get MW in a lock, bringing him to his knees when...

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Human Pretzel

My mother always said I had the makings of a contortionist. After hours hunkered over a computer keyboard and then curled up in the seat of a cab until the wee hours, I find her words as pure prophecy.

When will I ever be able to straighten up? Am I devolving into some sort of Precambrian cork-screwed invertibrate? Is this the price to pay in order to be a writer and graphic artist? (Stephen King isn't a hunchback, is he?)

Well, I know in about two seconds I shall extricate myself from being wedged in this home-office chair and simply recline, while you all remain seated and check out the latest issue of my 'zine at where we have eye-catching artwork and mind-teasing articles. At least the 'zine is evolving into a superior project!

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