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Cover Art: Barbados No 1 by 92 year old artist, June Stevenson

For the past 6 years, we have been running with the title ADVENTURES FOR THE AVERAGE WOMAN, which was meant as a tongue-in-cheek commentary about how women often feel about themselves and their abilities. In truth, no woman should ever feel average, and several have expressed as much about our magazine’s title. So, in the spirit of respect for our readers’ and critics’ opinions, we are now going to adopt the title IDEAGEMS MAGAZINE. We will still remain the showcase for all the undiscovered literary and artistic treasures out there. Moreover, we are staying true to our mission to give writers their first break in the world of publishing.

THIS ISSUE we feature WOMEN IN THE RING with the motion photography of women boxers by Arthur Fink. We also feature Arthur's book of beautiful images: DANCE! In addition, we have a collection of mixed media by 92 year old artist, June Stevenson, reflecting her 70-year career. Then there is the Poetry and Painting section showing the skillful sketches of Gothra tribal women from Kerala, India, by award-wining artist, Sukesan Kanka, accompanied by the poignant poems of Hither Kusum. Beyond the glorious art, we offer inspiring prose and poetry where we compare writers coast-to-coast.

As always, we are looking for fresh submissions for our future issues, both our seasonal themes (winter, spring, summer, and fall) and our TOUGH LIT series devoted to crime, dark fantasy, horror, sci-fi, gritty and edgy literature.

Send comments and submissions to: Be sure to check out our submission guidelines on our website: and look for up-coming special themes.