Body of Art Reception: Saturday, March 15, 6-10 pm, Los Angeles

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Body of Art Reception: Saturday, March 15, 6-10 pm, Los Angeles

Saturday night, March 15, 6-10 pm
jFerrari Gallery
3015 Glendale Blvd., Ste. 300
Atwater Village, CA 90039
(323) 877-5542
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AMP, the Artists' Meeting Place and Resource Collective and the jFerrari Gallery, directed by AMPer Jazmin Ferrari, are joining forces to present Body of Art, a provocative group show focusing on parts of the human body, featuring art and performance from 45 AMP Members.

There will be wine and cheese.

Visual Artists
Veronica Agostini
Smilee Barnacle
Nance Broderzen
Maximilian Buschman
Gabriella Carlsson
Carol Cetrone
Calethia DeConto
Don Dougan
Leandro Fornasir
Morgan Gehris
Olivier Goulet ("Cerveau" pictured below)
Kim Harmon
Susan Harris
Stephen Holman
Patricia Izzo
Jason Jenn
Susan Karhroody
Farzad Kohan
Sera Koo
Michael Laughlin
Eban Lehrer
Heather Lowe
Deb Marcano
Galidan Nauber
Ferril Nawir
Mark Nelson
Levon Parian
Mariko Passion
Carol Radsprecher
Scott Andrew Spencer
Ann Storc
Melissa Tremblay
Kira Vollman
Tracey Weiss
Karen Winters
Judy Y
Sharon Zachary

Live painting: Dan Wooster, Bryon Havranek
Performance art: Nathalie Broizat, Mariko Passion, Nance Broderzen
Juggling: Scot Nery
Music: Holmes, Ronnie Cramer