LET ME BE FRANK: Episode 9 "Time, Community, Inter-Relations"

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Episode 9, “Time, Community, Inter-Relations”, of the LET ME BE FRANK web documentary series, is now available for viewing. Readings by Moore’s long-time friend and Ear Nose & Throat doctor, Richard Kerbavaz, and long-time friend, musician/singer/songwriter John The Baker. This episode follows the evolution of Moore’s performances, from his weekly drop-in workshops in Santa Fe in the 1970s, to Moore’s first 24-hour performance, to the communal family’s move to New York City, the continuation of the workshops, and Moore’s performance, “Inter-Relations”. Episode 9 explores Moore's discoveries along the way, the secrets and magical effects of small simple acts in performance, and his experiments with extended time, breaking taboos, dressing and undressing, and creating community through performance. Episode 9 also includes Moore singing “Totalitarian State” at the illegal, underground all-ages Richmond, CA punk club, Burnt Ramen, and features duets of Moore and John the Baker, singing John The Baker’s “Fuck The Fascist USA” and “Crack Baby”. Music by Frank Moore, Sander Roscoe Wolff, Vinnie Spit Santino, John the Baker, Michael LaBash, Fluff Grrl, Two Loons For Tea, and Tha Archivez.

Let Me Be Frank is a video series based on the life and art of shaman, performance artist, writer, poet, painter, rock singer, director, TV show host, teacher and bon vivant, Frank Moore.

The series is partly a biography, but also a presentation of Frank's philosophy on life and on art. Twenty-plus episodes have been planned based on Frank’s book, Art Of A Shaman, which was originally delivered as a lecture at New York University in 1990 as part of the conference “New Pathways in Performance”. Each episode will feature readings by people who played an important part in Frank’s life, either as friends, lovers, students, artistic collaborators or supporters of his art.

Let Me Be Frank presents Frank's exploration of performance and art as being a magical way to effect change in the world ... performance as an art of melting action, of ritualistic shamanistic doings/playings. Using Frank’s career and life as a "baseline", it explores this dynamic playing within the context of reality shaping.

The series is available on Frank’s website at http://frankadelic.com and on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/channels/letmebefrank .