Keeping a Watercolor Journal with Judy Schroeder

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Keeping a Watercolor Journal with Judy Schroeder

Recording the "everydayness" of your life can be a revelation and lead to an enhanced appreciation for the daily experiences we all have and mostly forget. In this class, Judy will show you how to record conversations, meals, special places, and family treasures. This process is especially wonderful for recording travels and special times.

This workshop will focus on the journal as an immediate personal response to your experiences. You will learn about breaking up the page, hints about finding interesting subject matter, and helpful suggestions to translate written thoughts into imagery.

Saturday, June 4th 9:30am to 3:00pm
Instructor: Judy Schroeder • Ages 16+ • Cost: $80 (+supply list)

For additional details or to register call the Gallery at (714) 990-7731.
To learn more about Judy, visit her website at