Job Opening: Program Supervisor for Nonprofit Art Program

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The ECF Art Center Programs nurture 135 gifted, adult artists with
varying degrees of disabilities. We are seeking an experienced,
full-time Fine Art Representative. Our artists have had their works
exhibited at the Smithsonian Gallery, the John F. Kennedy Center in
Washington, DC. and locally. You can visit the Art Center Programs
website at> .


The Program Supervisor will nurture adult artists (18 years and up) with
intellectual disabilities, teach art techniques, supervise staff, and
provide program over site.

· Maintain program standards as required by regulatory
agencies (including ECF, Department of Developmental Services, etc.) for
the operation of the program (program services, staffing, safety, and
physical plant specifications).

· Create annual draft budget proposal and review projects
for each fiscal year, review program budget and expenditures, and
maintain approved program budgets.

· Recruit, select, and supervise staff. Provide facility
orientation and training (policies, procedures, etc.) for new hires,
volunteers, and interns. Evaluate staff annually and provide to the
Director for review. Handle employee relations issues.

· Maintain maximum client enrollment. Review client
referrals and consult with the Case Manager to finalize enrollment
decisions. Develop and maintain effective relationships and open
communication with artists and their families, affiliated agency staff,
Regional Centers, and community members.

· Ensure artists have proper supervision at all times while
at the Art Center including during arrival, breaks, departure, and
outings. When needed, assist program participants with personal hygiene
including toileting and occurrences of illness and incontinence.

· Organize art projects and curriculum and oversee the
productivity of projects created by the Art Instructors, including
developing new art methods, providing access to proper art supplies, and
ensuring client safety. Introduce artists to new art techniques while
expanding one's own knowledge of art materials and techniques from
two dimensional to three dimensional works. Teach and encourage artist
independence, collaboration, and care of materials. Ensure art
equipment and studio are properly used and maintained.

· Supervise the maintenance of the building, equipment, and
inventory. Ensure building is open daily and on time during regular
program hours.

· Act as public relations/community outreach spokesperson.
Disseminate information and develop cooperative relationships.
Facilitate communication between the artist and public so the work can
be presented and discussed by the artist. Assist with organizing and
curating art shows and events. Staff and supervise exhibitions.
Organize and facilitate critiques on artists' artwork.


Bachelor's degree in Fine Art (MFA preferred), and supervisory
experience. Extensive applied art knowledge in any one of the
disciplines: Ceramics, Printmaking or Painting (Ceramicists and
Printmakers should have a basic knowledge of Painting and Drawing) and
knowledge of contemporary western art (mid century – present).
Must be organized and have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. Must
be personable and comfortable working with developmentally disable


Qualified applicants may submit a cover letter, including a portfolio of
finished works, and resume by mail, email, or fax to: Exceptional
Children's Foundation, 5350 Machado Road, Culver City, CA 90203,> , (310) 391-1059. Please
visit our website at> .

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