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Contest seeks photos that illustrate beauty of scientific, environment (deadline April 15)

An international photo competition called "Science and Beauty" is accepting entries that reflect the beauty of nature or natural and scientifc processes that cannot usually be seen by the naked eye. Submission deadline: April 15.

Photos can be taken with the use of special equipment, such as a microscope or other magnifying device. Photos should reflect a natural phenomenon, such as a group of insects, or a disaster, such as a volcano eruption. Unusual, colorful and high-quality pictures are encouraged.

Each author can send only one photo taken for the past two years, both published or unpublished.

Authors who wish to participate should register at (in Russian).

Proposals and questions can be sent to

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Art & Science

This fascinating bit of info was posted in the Art4Development listserv:

Data + Art: Science and Art in the Age of Information

Data + Art: Science and Art in the Age of Information and Eye in the Sky: JPL's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

PASADENA, CA.- Organized by the Pasadena Museum of California Art
(PMCA) and curated by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Visual
Strategist Dan Goods and Mars Public Engagement Outreach Coordinator
David Delgado, Data + Art: Science and Art in the Age of Information
explores how scientific data can be experienced and translated by
artists into new and startling forms. This exhibition challenges the
viewer's assumptions by exploring the beauty inherent in the
information and asking viewers to see science in a new light. These

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Creative Wall Voices 2009 Invitation (deadline April 30)

Creative Wall Voices 2009 Invitation

CREATIVE WALL VOICES, International Exhibition
Photography, Art painting, Draw, Music, Writing, sculpture, Cultural or humor short video
Subscription date limit: April 30, 2009

1) 2009 Edition
A video promoting the 2009 edition, showing works and participants to 2008 Edition has been posted. The video is actually on, click this link to watch:
The video is also on

2) Partcipant artists who have website can send their website address or blog link, They
will be included in promotion campaign for free. Partners and Supporters links, info and
logo will be included too.

3) INVITATION to 2009 Edition!

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Southbank Centre - The Hayward seeks Curator (London) (deadline April 8)

Southbank Centre - The Hayward seeks Curator

Southbank Centre

Curator, The Hayward
Closing date: 8th April 2009

Curator, The Hayward
33,000 GBP per annum

Southbank Centre is the UK's largest arts centre, occupying a 21-acre site that sits in the midst of London's most vibrant cultural quarter on the South Bank of the Thames. The site has an extraordinary creative and architectural history stretching back to the 1951 Festival of Britain.

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iD+consonni in Sondika 09, results

iD+consonni in Sondika 09

In late 2008, the art producer consonni and Idensitat launched the project iD+consonni as a collaboration extending Idensitat’s territories and bringing about a new way to work with artists. In total, 203 proposals were received from 38 countries

There is one winner to develop the project over 2009 and five special mentions which implied the chance to intervene in public space in Sondika from a variety of perspectives and tools. These five proposals will not be developed but will be made public through consonni and Idensitat’s websites and other communication devices which are to be approved by the artists, such as a future publication.

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iD+consonni in Sondika 09

iD+consonni in Sondika 09
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Bobby Matos

Bobby Matos
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surreal dress

surreal dress
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Web site,
June 10-14, 2009

Download Application,

Bridge Art Fair
(312) 421-2227
Web site,
Please direct e-mail inquiries to the organizer¹s address (above); DO NOT
use ³Reply² button, it will send to ArtScene.

Bridge Art Fair is proud to announce its inaugural edition of Bridge Basel
to take place June 10-14, 2009, in Basel, Switzerland concurrent with the
esteemed Art Basel. Basel draws the largest international audience

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In search of To Do Lists

This was just emailed to me:

I am writing at this time to ask if you would participate in my art project by sending me the old “to do “ lists that you generate, as opposed to throwing them away.

I will be one of the 180+ artists who will be exhibiting their art at ARTRALA, a three day art happening in May 2009 that will take place at the Pier Pointe Residencies that is being developed on Washington Blvd in Venice Beach, CA. Deadline to submit is April 30th.

For my project, I will cover one of the rooms with “to-do” lists and I need as much variety as possible. Laundry lists, shopping lists, new years resolutions, short term lists of daily activities or long term goal achievement oriented lists, personal or professional lists are all welcome.

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