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Los Angeles: hiring opera singers

“The First Lady”
Opera based on 2 weeks in the life of Eleanor Roosevelt

Kenneth Wells

Strong musicianship, stage experience, and good team attitude.
Prepare one work in English written after 1930 and one other selection of
your choice. Sight reading a portion
of score may be requested. You may bring an accompanist; we will have
accompanists but submit a copy of
audition piece in advance if possible.

There will be 2-3 performances sponsored by the UCLA Media and Medicine for
Communities center dates
TBD (possibly last two weekends in February). Rehearsals to begin this

For principals, fees to be negotiated on casting
Chorus (SATB, 20-25) $100-$200.

Cast of 13 principals and chorus.

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Los Angeles: Hiring for Puppetry & Performance Artist

Full-body Puppeteers needed ASAP (Near USC/Downtown LA)

Now seeking full-body puppeteers for realistic animal puppets. MUST BE
5'10 - 6'0 TALL, men's shoe size 8 - 10.5. Must be able to carry 75 lbs
on back for 20-30 minutes while performing for large audience. DO NOT
SUBMIT if you do not fit these requirements. Must have a strong
performance and athletic background. Candidates with extensive
experience in full suit puppetry, physical theatre, gymnastics, or
martial arts desired. Experience in education, children's theatre
and/or natural sciences preferred.

Part-time to possible full-time position with benefits, must commit to
24-32 hours per week, day time Wed- Sun. Occasional evenings. Full-time
position includes puppeteering, teaching school groups, stilt walking,

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The Cartier Award 2010: Call for Entries (deadline January 4 2010)

The Cartier Award 2010

The Cartier Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative by Frieze Projects in collaboration with Gasworks and sponsored by Cartier.

Artists are invited to propose a new work to be realised at Frieze Art Fair 2010, which will be produced under the auspices of Frieze Projects. Proposed works may take the form of site-specific installation; performance; film; video or print work.

The Cartier Award is open to non-UK-based artists within five years of graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or under 30 years of age.

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Contemporary Collage


Andy Ender
Swiss Contemporary and Visual Artist

Contemporary Collage
Part 1-5

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Andy Ender
Swiss Contemporary and Visual Artist

Alles Andere ist Blech,
print on paper, 140x100 cm,
Contemporary Collage

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Andy Ender
Swiss Contemporary and Visual Artist

Alles Andere ist Blech,
print on paper, 140x100 cm,
Contemporary Collage

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Umami food and art festival call for film and video

CALL FOR: food related film and video

Umami: food and art festival

Bringing together some of the most exciting and innovative food
professionals and artists in New York City, Umami offers a meeting ground
for people who use food as their medium. Through a series of performances,
panel discussions, workshops and tastings the festival uses art to open up
new ways of thinking about food and food to generate new ways of thinking
about art and integrating it into daily life. Upcoming festival events will
be seen in multiple venues, late February and early March, 2010.

We are seeking short videos that use food as a vital focus for an evening or
two devoted to film and video. Please contact us about submission details

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Lower East Side Printshop, Manhattan, announces 2010 Special Editions residency

The Lower East Side Printshop invites emerging artists of all disciplines to
apply for the 2010 Special Editions Residency, a competitive residency
program that allows emerging artists to create new work through an
exploration of printmaking. The Printshop offers an opportunity for artists
to complete an important new body of work in collaboration with our
experienced master printers, entirely sponsored by the Printshop.

Artists are provided with technical assistance, financial support, and the
time and space to explore printmaking. Experimentation and exploration of
new materials and processes are welcome. No previous printmaking experience
is required.

Residency includes:
12 day-long collaboration sessions with master printers during a period of

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Cal Arts, CA, announces new MFA in Art and Technology

The School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
announces its new MFA program in Art and Technology. The new director of
the Art and Technology Program is Tom Leeser, currently Director of the
Center for Integrated Media, CalArts' interdisciplinary media concentration.
Tom is also a faculty member of the School of Art.

Art and Technology will be a two-year MFA program and will begin accepting
students for the fall 2010 semester. The new program is designed to enable
artists to pursue the critical and creative issues that arise in practices
that employ the use of new technologies and digital media. The students
will be encouraged to pursue work that crosses traditional mediums, enabling

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