AMP connects artists and behind-the-scenes collaborators of all genres, including musicians, painters, performance artists, writers, dancers, and many more, with resources, opportunities, and personal connections. Many AMPers also provide free temporary lodging for other members. With thousands of members in 86 countries, AMP enthusiastically and energetically builds bridges between artists, audiences, and producers through our website, as well as at AMP-hosted parties and multimedia events worldwide. AMP is free to join. The only 'cost' is your energy and enthusiasm in building a global artistic community and helping fellow artists.
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Artist/activist performance applications sought, deadline Feb. 17, 2011


Call for Applications 2011

Artivist Performance

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Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance offers new certificate program, deadline Feb. 1, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few years, we have noticed a gap in training for performing arts professionals. There are many masters programs and other professional training programs for visual arts curators, but we could find nothing comparable in the performing arts fields. In talking to colleagues, we realized that there was a real need for a program that addressed the ways in which performance is curated and produced today.

In 2010, in partnership with Danspace Project in New York, we founded the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance (ICPP) at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. The ICPP is now accepting applications for a low-residency professional certificate program in 2011-2012.

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Travel and study grant programs, deadline Feb. 28, 2011

February 28, 2011, has been set as the Application Deadline for the 2011 Travel and Study Grant Program


The 2011 Travel and Study Grant Program will award grants to emerging creative artists (composers, sound artists, playwrights, creators of performance art and experimental theater, and visual artists). Minnesota-based executive and program administrators working for nonprofit organizations in music, theater, and visual arts are also eligible to apply. The deadline for applications in Music, Theater, and Visual Arts is February 28, 2011.

Applications must be postmarked on or before the deadline to be eligible for consideration. Fax and e-mail submissions are not permitted.

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May I ask you for a recollection? / call for sound memories

Dear People,

I am a young sound artist from Belgium, and I'm currently building a new installation called Soundtracks.

And to build the installation, I need your help. The idea behind soundtracks is to build an archive of memories of sound. Memories of sounds that were important to you, that struck you or stayed with you. Soundtracks wants to research which kind of sounds get remembered, and how they are remembered. Can we hear those sounds again in our heads, or can we only remember the circumstances of the situation; the outlines, the edges of the sound?

And that's why I would like to ask you to take a moment and try to find your recollection of a sound, a sound that was important to you.

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Call for Entries - Exhibit Competition: Woman as Photographer

Call for Entries - Exhibit Competition

Woman As Photographer: Picturing Life As A Woman

(A)Melis Bursin, (B)Carrie Mae Weems, (C)Cindy Sherman, (D)Rineke Dijkstra, (E)Roni Horn, (F)Gillian Wearing, (G)Helen Levitt, (H)Roni Horn, (I)Kiki Smith, (J)Claude Cahun, (K)Tina Mondotti, (L)Ilse Bing, (M)Nan Goldin, (N)Lisette Model, (O)Diane Arbus, (P)Imogen Cunningham, (Q)Lucia Moholy, (R)Bernice Abbott.

About the Call for Entries

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Juliette (after Chinard)

Juliette (after Chinard)

Chinard was a French sculptor who lived in the late 1700's.

Juliette was courted by Napoleon Bonapart's brother as well as other major figures of that time.

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let us have it



we the people want peace
not "peace with honor"
peace is honor enough

so a street performer, busker, dies more than any performer.
is that true
well if one smile is worth one clap, prolly not
hours to dollars we lose. long hours low dollars
expand on that ?
jus layin the ground rules to my mental state
this is alzhiemers for beginners
when did it start ?? what?
oh, yeah.
could you help us out ?

do you know who we were ?
i may forget i am
so if you could sing sing one of our favorite songs for us
we have two small puppets
live mics
new clear arms
just for you

crazy in america

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