Get This Man out of the Picture; ink and pen; Oct 2008

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Get This Man out of the Picture; ink and pen; Oct 2008

This is a detail of something that turns out to be a cartoon (see prev. pics)...These two faces, despite winding up as cartoons, these were attempts at a My Lai painting; they're trying for the expression of a woman moments before being shot to death with her family by US soldiers after being rounded up in a small group. in the famous My Lai massacre (Vietnam War) photos that appeared in LIFE magazine back then. I keep trying to get it over the years. But this woman was also angry. Also in the group in the photo is a picture of an openmouthed terrified little girl of four or so clinging to a skirt and a young woman holding a toddler. They wereare dead moments after the photo was taken. Same for a toddler in the famous ditch pictures in the same set.Every so often I try one or the other, with usually awful results like these.

Someone probably knows the photographer's name. I don't recall it offhand.
You can see the photos on line.

...I draw directly with ink. Usually no colors, but these yeah. No art training, and I don't know what I'm drawing.