Joining AMP

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Who Can Join AMP?

AMP is free to join, and is open to artists, musicians, writers, and performing artists of any kind, as well as those who work in the arts.

AMPers currently include musicians, art gallery directors, tour bookers, burlesque performers, filmmakers, vocals coaches, jugglers, collage artists, sculptors, experimental video artists, graphic designers, ceramicists, dancers, VJs and DJs, festival producers, artistic directors, muralists, cabaret and vaudeville performers, TV and film producers, music producers, aerialists, poets, shell artists, non-profit arts foundations, performance artists, art therapists, radio show writers, cruise ship performers, go go dancers, film archivists, club organizers, magicians, music reviewers, editorial assistance, writers, silk screeners, Elvis impersonators, TV hosts, photographers, comedians, circus performers, art and music magazines, painters, animators, body musicians, character voiceover performers, and many more...

If you would like to create an account in AMP, please write to us at amp (at)