Willamette Moon, copyright 2008, Antonia Lindsey

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Willamette Moon, copyright 2008, Antonia Lindsey


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Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine

heed the call -- submit your visions

Peacefully we Co-Created
Moving toward new issue's fated
Erisian ecstasies
Careen through streaming
time and space to
Holy Chaos

Entropians Untie~~~

share and enjoy our Peaceful Co-Creating - Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine #16 as you scroll down to the Submission Guidelines (below the Contributors' page)


send your submissions for Issue #17 ~ Holy Chaos ~ to me by mid-March 2010

have fun~

make it happen...


feel free to forward

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Nice piece of work. It looks like a collage? Lovely composition and colours.

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WIllamette Moon