Tropical Splendour 1

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Tropical Splendour 1

newest and rather laborious wood batiked painting depicting a tropical oasis landscape. This is a new series that I'm developing called the " Traditional series". It is based on the old traditional folk paintings of the island of Bali, Indonesia. The color palette is minimal, though complex, where earth tones of Blacks & greys are predominantly used thruout the entire painting. In this particular piece

I applied the traditional colorations of the typical Javanese batik sarongs. Different hues of browns & dark umber was my main palette on this piece but I gave it a touch of "sepia-ish" over tone which gives the painting an entirely different visual appeal.

The compositional subject matter and its vision thereoff is totally imagenary, entirely out of my own imagination with only using the "flora" refferences from old traditional Balinese "folklore" paintings!

Title: Tropical Splendour 1
Media: Wax dye resist (batik) on ash wood panel
size: 24" x 48"
year created: 2007