Call for Lead Visual Artists - LA Commons

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Call for Lead Visual Artists

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) – South LA

LA Commons Public Art Project

LA Commons develops artistic and cultural projects that reveal the
unique stories of L.A.'s

Neighborhoods and engage visitors through cultural tours. LA Commons
and Building Healthy Communities South LA are hosting a unique project
to engage 6 lead artist/designers to collaborate with six core youth
arts teams (15-25 years old) to create murals and banners that will be
installed in a central location and along the Vermont corridor between
MLK and Century Boulevards. The art will share the unique stories of
residents and stakeholders' efforts to envision and build healthy
communities. The California Endowment is the funding partner for the
project. Community Partners of BHC-South LA hub include: Manual Arts
High School, Expo Center, Brotherhood Crusade, YMCA, Peace Over
Violence, Community Coalition, and LA TRUST.

The Role the Artist/Designers in this project will be:

1. To participate in story/image gathering process with the
community arts team.
2. To mentor the Core Youth Arts Team to further youth in the
development of skills in image making and design.
3. To create final artworks based on youth designs and community
images gathered
4. To collaborate with team and Community Arts Director to
support the creation of cohesive visual messaging for the Building
Healthy Communities South LA project.
5. To attend the Opening Celebration


Orientation for all teams- March 2013

Sites 1-3 (3 artists) work March-July, 2013

Sites 4-6 (3 artists) work July-November, 2013

Artist Qualifications

1. Experience in visual and public arts.
2. Experience working with youth and community.
3. Familiarity with South LA neighborhoods
4. Interest and experience in collaborative process


$2000 stipend for each Artist will be payable in thirds at the
beginning, middle and conclusion of the project.

$200 additional design fee when final art is approved

This fee includes conducting weekly workshops with a small team of
youth, story gathering, 4 team meetings, and completion design review
and of the art work.

To Apply

Please submit these materials via email by March 1, 2013

1. Current resume and contact information
2. 7-10 Work Samples via email, web links or disk
3. Artist statement of why you are interested in this project

Please email to:

Beth Peterson, Community Arts Program Director

LA Commons

Phone: 323-620-6822


LA Commons is a project of Community Partners

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