Recapitulando: ten years in music

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Recapitulando (Back time) ten year of music.

Since MIRADORES (Perspectives) 2.003 to today haven´t only benn ten years. I have seen changes in my style, orchestratiion but ever alégranse about my way to compose.

Recapitulando (Back time), so with these changes, has signals from all works I released. Flashes of moments in my memory and my heart.

In all honesty, I haven´t been a famous artista, so little morem but my works hasn´t had any impact. After all, that money is for donate. I would be a fool if I didn´t take account as all artista, there isn´ t other satisfaction which other admire your works and love it, but this isn´t other one a twist of fate in my life not only artistic.

The cover I have créate for this album talk about this situatiion from unknown I live. A release suit a hanger hanging from the doors of a caví Net. So, it isn´t neccesary any coment, suit was never released and I think it will be there a lot of time, there isn´t musicians for interest in it.

Come on a discographic travel:

Miradores (Perspectives) was a cool album, full ideas and versatility. In it, a young of 37 old years dared to take the plunge into the world of musical creación. In a balcony, which I retitulled this year, all is seen other way: They have changad a lot of. I haven´t cool of those years but I gain experience and requeriment in to present nice works, instad I hold my independence.

A long time of therre years paid off in two ambitious Project which have had differents ways. SIETE PIEZASW CHINAS (Seven chinese pieces) with double meaning, had luck in these years and I´m happy. It formed my style: a one concept around from album. So, I´m sorry for wrong, PLATEROIDEOLOGÍA (Plateroideology) hand´t one it. The album, wasn´t understood or containded too much folklore. But there isn´t father love a child more than the other and I think this album is very much complete someone could to imagine. For example, is full in ideas as charácter from donkey or other elements as landscape.

One part from this tribute to oriental music is in El arte oriental del papel ( The oriental paper art) and part from Plateroideología is in De un burro andaluz (From an Andalucía donkey).

Really, ever have had some confussion with Así en la Tierra.. (As in the Earth…). Begining it is in 2.007 because in this year borned the compositions. A second, I have seen in some places in net his album is Trp Hop. What´s this?? It is an stupid wittout any knowledge about music!. Only an ingnorant could to think this. In third, some peaple talk about greek and roman mithology. Yes, Así en la Tierra… take names from Gods and goddess and other characters mithologic but they aren´t gods.

The substance from this album is in a title that the fundamental law from Hermes Trimesgisto: So up as down. Gods and goddess and people relación with strengths and weaknesses: Mars and the violence, war; Venus and all sexuals relations,etc. For this reason Paralelos herméticos ( hermetic parallel). Album was released in 2.008 break with past style: orchestration and arrangments. It have had a lot of fans. Gratefull.

One album very much through, hard work was El águila robada (Stolen eagle) released the same year. It hold some features Así en la Tierra.. as sampler, sound efecto, etc but is more tradicional which would want to approach the americans indians culture. Enjoyed a lot of with this work and for that: Un águila mística (A mystical eagle).

Asno grafía (Donkeygraphy) 2.009 was been other misunderstood too. This album and Plateroideología has similar and different aspecto as style and composición. The other part is in: De un burro andaluz (From Andalucía donkey).

Proposal in 2.010 was O último tucumaré (The last tucumaré). Is an album very intimate where is my love from Brasil and culture. I ever said this isn´t an brasilian music only inspired in it. For this, Achorado, hasn´t too much choro and others. But, someone could to say Rei Borghetti not contain the south brasilian style? or As maes d´agua (Mothers from sea) hasn´t the sound of candomblé and reeligíos black music?
In fact, Cultural Agend from Recife PE Brasil wrote an article about this album. It is something I never forget. Thanks.

Other albums witt out luck was Cuaderno de campo: de marismas, ríos y mares (Notebook: marshes, rivers and seases). 2.011. I don´t understand why? I´m satisfied in it, I think to oponed a new period to compose. Could be as trio forma not liked, but it was challenge for me. Notas naturales (Naturals notes) is remembered for this year.

2.011 have been one of the years more creative in my life. Three diffenret World in Tripartito (Tripartite). A colosal work, of course.
Those frutrated atempt for a method piano for children as magic for a musical creación works for two pianos. Byside, Invernal (Wintry), witt out lucky,was an nice experience. Ecce Mater, is the masterpieces because I get a orchetral work and musical colous Resume whole is difficult. For this I dedícate Que suene el cuento ( That story rings!) for a part subtitled Centos en blanca y negra (Stories in black and white)

Other inflexión point in my music life was El mundo de Hojyo Takashi ( The world from Hojyo Takashi). I don´t know if Takashi listen some from these pieces, but this is not importance I think he is one of the best artista in origami.
El mundo de Hojyo Takashi was a chancy work. I was Redding and researching about japanese and oriental music a long time befoe I begin my compostions. I think it´s an album very difficult for listeners but very creative. The other part of this experience is in El arte oriental en papel ( Oriental art in paper).

So, here go to the end from these ten years remembered on eight musical pieces.

I can to say, thought a lot of times I have felt the need to leave it. Maybe I haven´t anything to offer, the music today is in other ways I don´t want to explore, contemporary man have forgotten from dinamic, colous, crescendos, pianos, retardando and search some easy to ear. Maybe only enjoy of the musiic not intelectual music.

However, when I see the visits in my blog, website or the minimals sales I think there is a person there is and remember a post I wrote in my bloc: Familiarmente en minoria (Familiarly in minority).

To this minority, unknown I dedicate these ten year of music. Old and youngs that to approach to berekekê. Thank you very much.