Greenway seeking theatre Production Manager/Producing Director

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Greenway Arts Alliance a nonprofit arts and educational organization is seeking a part-time theatre Production Manager/Producing Director

Reports to the two Co-Founders/Artistic Directors of the organization. Must have minimum 3 years of theatre management and producing experience. Must be proficient in contract negotiations, management, budgets, databases and ability to work well with creative people.

$35,000 annual 25 hours per week with room for growth. Send resumes to

Duties include:

To lead and manage efficiently and effectively all aspects of all productions performances, workshops and presentations at Greenway Court Theatre.

•Assist the TD and Producers on recruiting, hiring and supervising all production staff

•Lead, support and develop all production staff, ensuring they are empowered to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively

•Support co-production partners and ensure that the production elements of co-productions are managed successfully

•Work with all departments to ensure that projects are supported appropriately

•Maintain box office records and artist contracts

Produce in-house productions and annual fundraiser

•Ensure the shows are delivered to the highest possible standards, on time and work within the contract and guidelines set forth for each show

•Negotiate and manage third party services including, but not limited to, contractors and artists, freelancers and other service providers ensuring the highest artistic standards are achieved.

•Generate all artists, union and designer contracts

•Manage Greenway Production budgets with the Artistic Directors and manage them in line with company regulations and procedures, and ensure that costs are controlled and goals are achieved

•Produce Greenway’s annual poetry festival InkSlam and annual fundraisers

•Continue to seek diverse programming in the space

Execute selected Arts Education Programs

•Execute Greenway’s Internship program with oversight from Director of Arts Education

•Execute Greenway’s Master Class program with oversight from Director of Arts Education

In General

•Maintain and manage accurate records

•Promote and communicate Greenway’s mission, especially with regard to diversity, education and community both internally and externally.

•Supervise Greenway’s Technical Director

•Actively seek out and manage co-production opportunities for the theatre

•Ensure good lines of communication and working relationships with all departments

•To operate in accordance with Greenway’s employment, health and safety, equal opportunities and other practices policies and procedures

•Ensure effective financial management including the consistent following of financial procedures and providing budgetary information when required

•Attend weekly Greenway staff meetings

•Any other duties as may reasonably be required

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