Call for Artists: global online art community, AY Art Atelier

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We would like to invite you to be part of our expanding international Arts & Consciousness community. Art 4 All People has entered the virtual market with our online gallery, called AY Atelier ( We are already cultivating a brick and mortar gallery exhibition in the thriving art economy of Izmir, Turkey. The mission of our new venture, is to become a bridge connecting transformative communities, artists and collectors from around the globe. To begin this adventure, we have selected a core group of artists, to join and exhibit their art for free. Will you join us?

AY Atelier Fine Art Gallery at Art 4 All People is dedicated to exhibiting and fostering artists in a wide range of media, who are searching for a personal, psycho-social and spiritual dimension in their art. Art 4 All People promotes meaningful interaction with significant works of art in order to appreciate and to build a conversation around the direct experience with art as vehicle of beauty, healing, transformation and social change.

We aim to find art collectors who view art and its acquisition as a love affair. Within this relationship the art that is collected becomes a talisman, a magical object, a portal that brings joy, clarity, and a deeper sense of meaning into the daily life of its collector. Art does transform!

The Name
AY is the word for moon in Turkish. We feel it is the primordial sound/word for Moon. One can image the first peoples as they gazed up at the moon in exhilaration lifted their arms into the sky and called out AY!

Atelier is the French term for art studio, gallery and workshop. Atelier is also said to characterize the home of an alchemist or wizard.

AY Atelier is space for Artists and Collectors to revere and honor ART in all its power, inspiration, mystery and beauty.

Below is more information and the submission guidelines. Please feel free to contact with any questions or insights you might have at


Why sell and exhibit on Ay Atelier online?


  • Become part of thriving and global Arts and Consciousness Community
  • FREE to display and sell your work
  • 70% paid to the artists
  • Direct access to art collectors around the world with a heavy emphasis on Turkey
  • Free biography page with optional of personal photo
  • We pay for marketing; you don't
  • No exclusivity contract: you have the right to exhibit with other galleries online or brick and mortar
  • Free critique system that allows you to receive feedback from your visitors
  • Artist Interviews for the AY site
  • Artist is responsible for shipping art. All shipping fees are paid by the collector

Submission Guidelines

  • Send us 6 images of your work (image size 1000 x 1000 pixels)
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Price
  • A short blurb about each piece
  • Your bio/Artist Statement and pic of yourself
  • Please send the above information to our designer
  • All we request is to please place link to on your website/blog and/or other social media outlets

Thank you!