LOS ANGELES ***Call for Art***

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AdVentures! An Exploration Into the
Depths of Consumerism is an exhibition about the world of advertising and its
effects on the way we see the world. Advertising permeates into just about
every aspect of our lives, from television commercials, to web banners, and
even our cityscapes.
Advertising is about
creating a need,AdVentureswill explore the many
different ways that these needs are created by producing fictional ads for
products either real or imagined using humor, shock value, sex appeal, and other
advertising favorites.
(u)ntitled: The Wignall Art Organization invites artist from all over to submit their best interpretation of Madison
Avenue. (u)ntitled is looking for works that innovate and deconstruct the
traditional forms of advertising in all mediums.
All submissions will be subject to a juried
selection process, with accepted submissions being notified in early February
2013. Artwork must be “install
ready,†any work requiring special installation should be submitted with
instructions and the required hardware. (u)ntitled reserves the right to
withdraw obscene artwork due to the public nature of the CAA Student Gallery. Submissions are due by February 5th, 2013. Submissions will be accepted
at the WignallMusuem of Contemporary Art @ Chaffey College 5885 Haven
 RanchoCucamonga, CA 91737. For more information please contact untitled.wignallclub@gmail.com  or call 626-664-0708

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