CaSTING NOTICE: Tamales de Puerco (Pork Tamales) at Casa 0101

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Casa 0101 is seeking strong versatile ensemble cast for this Trilingual play (English/Spanish/ASL). Casa 0101 was founded by Josefina Lopez, writer of Real Women Have Curves. This play was part of the dramatic writing program that Josefina Lopez teaches at Casa 0101 . It had a workshop production in 2008 and a subsequent presentation at Cal State Northridge. This is the World Premiere production of this play.

REHEARSALS: Evenings (Sun-Thu) 2/10 to 3/28 with weekends added 2/23-24
PREVIEWS: 3/29-3/31 (Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm)
SHOWS: 4/5-4/28 (Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm)
STIPEND: AEA-99 rate

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Send headshot/resume to no later than Monday, January 28, 2013 at 5pm

PRODUCERS: Casa 0101 Theater, Miguel Garcia, Mercedes Floreislas
PLAYWRIGHT: Mercedes Floresislas
DIRECTOR: Edward Padilla

Tamales de Puerco (Pork Tamales) tells the story of an undocumented Mexican woman who sells tamales and must maneuver through three cultures after learning that her son is Deaf. While her husband is unable to cope and resorts to abuse and violence, she tries to overcome her own self-imposed handicaps so that she and her son can survive. An overachieving Deaf woman trying to help them also discovers that she too must set aside some of her own self-imposed handicaps to finally achieve what she truly desires.

Norma - Female, Latina, mid 20s to early 40s, to play Spanish-speaking mother of a deaf child who must maneuver in an English/ASL world while surviving domestic violence from husband unable to cope with having a deaf child. She must journey the struggle alone after her mother challenges her to stay with her husband. She surpasses homelessness, learns to communicate with her child with help from AA meetings for the deaf, and provides a safe environment for him until her husband returns to reclaim his "family." Trilingual (English/Spanish/ASL) actress preferred, but willing to teach actress who has some ASL ability.
Tomas - Male, Latino, 30s to 40s, singer/guitar player who tries to charm Norma with his humor and songs. Norma warms up to him gradually with Tana's encouragement.
Tana - Female, Latina, 20s-40s, a voluptuous, jovial Mexican Tamal vendor who helps Norma in the street vending business after she leaves her husband. Great sense of comedic timing is important for this role. Bilingual English and Spanish. Some ASL will be taught.
Mauricio - Male, Latino, 7-12 years old to play 7-9 years old. ASL preferred, but may be taught. Norma's deaf son. Angelic and joyful.
Karla - Female, 20s-30s, any race, to play deaf actress with excellent ASL, married to a hearing man, Cesar. She becomes very concerned for Norma and her boy when she realizes he is not attending school, and she confuses Norma's attentiveness to customers as a disinterest for her child. Karla longs deeply to save the boy, and her reaction to Norma's behavior appears to trigger uncomfortable memories of her own alcoholic mother.
Cesar - Male, 20s-30s, any race, trilingual (English, Spanish, and ASL), hearing man, married to Karla. Compassionate, and deeply in love with Karla. Wants to help her save the boy, but is also concerned his wife is not facing her own truth. Wants to build a family with Karla.
Reynaldo - Male, Latino, 30s-40s, to play Norma's exasperated husband who demeans her for being an immigrant. He is involved in a real estate scheme, affecting many poor Latinos, that goes terribly wrong. He is physically abusive to Norma, conniving and vindictive when he tries to regain his "family".
Deaf Actor - Male, any race, English (speaks a little bit) & ASL to play various roles, including Male Deaf Street Vendor, Deaf Man in homeless shelter, Phone Repair Person at Norma's home, Video Phone Interpreter on Karla's TV, etc.
Detective Cohen/Norma's mother/Various Roles, Latina, 20s-40s to play various roles, including Doctor, Mother, and Female Customer at park. Mother admonishes Norma for wanting to leave her husband and encourages her to suck it up and stay with him because he is well off and treats her well. Detective Ramos and Detective Cohen enter Norma's house to search for her missing husband in relation to a murder in the real estate scheme.
Detective Ramos/Male Customer, Latino, 20s-40s. Detective Ramos and Detective Cohen enter Norma's house to search for her missing husband in relation to a murder in the real estate scheme.
Male Actor, any race, 20s-40s to play various roles, including Police Officer, Homeless Shelter Attendant.
Female Deaf Street Vendor, any race, 20s to 40s.
Boss/Police Officer 2, any race, 20s-40s. Boss is mastermind for real estate scheme and pins all of the blame on Reynaldo.

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