LOS ANGELES Accepting submission from all types of artists: gallery showing opportunity

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Hello from Impact Design Associates (IDA) in Culver City,

IDA is a design firm located in Culver City providing services to a wide range of clientele. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the art of creative professionals, IDA hosts a rotating gallery of artwork in our studio. Our business is deeply rooted in art and design, we take pride in support- ing this creative endeavor in our community. We offer part of our loft-style office space for artists to exhibit their work and display their passion. Since 2003 IDA has hosted more than 2 dozen diverse medium artists whose work included: oil, acrylic and watercolor paint; mixed media sculptures; drawing and illustration; digital art; and textiles.

In exchange for the exposure and use of the space, IDA takes no commission on work sold in the gallery. Our commitment is to supporting those that might not otherwise have a platform. Our studio benefits from having this revolving tapestry of art serve as inspiration. Hosting the open- ings provides an opportunity to invite a diverse cross-section of the community into our studio.

Gallery events are planned quarterly, and are marketed by IDA through our email database, Culver City & Hayden Tract neighbors, as well as contacts of the artist. Exhibition openings regularly draw between 100-250 attendees. Along with promoting the opening reception we maintain an online record of the exhibition at go2idagallery.com.

Please contact us at : losangeles@go2ida.com
Our link/website is: www.go2ida.com/node/52

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your work in our gallery.

from LA Culture Net