Call for Artists and Musicians to enter the portal of Opportunities

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Enter the Portal of Opportunities and make your dreams visible for the world and your art and music visible to thousands of buyers.

The first opportunity is for Artists and Musicians to participate in the art exhibition "SustainAbility" at the Art for All People Gallery in Malibu. "SustainAbility" is an Environmental Art exhibition that features artists who are exploring the pivotal need for stewardship, awareness and advocacy for our ailing Mother Earth. Such eco-artist-warriors, with their individual visions, are shining a powerful light on how can we individually create sustainability through our own actions. These artists inspire us though their transformative art and innovation, and they offer us a glimpse into new ways of being.

The 56-day exhibition will give the audience the abilities, inspiration, insights and tools to create their own sustainable way. During the Sustain Ability exhibition Art 4 All People will be offering unique workshops, lectures, beach cleanups and happenings.

But hurry we are accepting submissions to this exhibition in Portal of Opportunities II until January 18th, 2013.

We also invite artists and musicians to submit for participation in our group show in Sulkin Secant Gallery at Bergamot Station Art Center. Submission deadline for this show is January 23rd for Portal 1 and March 23rd, 2013 for Portal 2

On Sunday, March 10, 1-3 pm we invite artists and musicians to celebrate International Women's Day with us. It will be a joint, month long exhibition under the umbrella of the City of West Hollywood at the new West Hollywood Culture Center. For this show we are looking for art by women and art by all artists portraying women and their role in society. Submission deadline is February 10.

When you submit your images, please state clearly in the note space if you want this image to be considered for a particular show. There is only one submission fee for all opportunities in Portal.

To enter, please submit 3-6 artworks using our submission link. All accepted submissions will be exhibited online for sale. The gallery owners will choose the artists for their exhibitions, they will also determine how many artworks of each artists they want to exhibit. As always, we consider our represented artists first, while at the same time seeking new talents.

The submission fee for 3 images to PORTAL is $35 ($25 for represented artists). Each additional image is $5. To submit please follow the instructions on our submission page. It is important that you fill in completely the title, size, media and price of your artwork.

We are happy to assist you in this process, if needed. Submit in Portal

We are looking forward to seeing artists' artworks highlighted in our new Portal of Opportunities. We'll be delighted to present our artists' talents to our art collectors.