Job: Part-TIme Instructors Wanted for “The Woodworking Bus” (Los Angeles)

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Instructors Wanted for "The Woodworking Bus"
Part Time (3 – 15 hrs/week)


Founded in 1992, Side Street Projects is an entirely mobile artist-run
organization that gives artists of all ages the ability and the means to
support their creative endeavors. Simply put, we teach artists how to
roll up their sleeves and do things themselves. Each year we serve
10,000 individual (adult) artists and over 2,000 children.

Since 1997, we have taught design and fabrication through a tool-based
woodworking curriculum to literally thousands of children throughout
L.A. County through Alternate Routes. We also provide support services
to contemporary visual artists, with programs including Artist Projects
On-site, a Best-Professional Practices Podcast Series, and an Equipment
Co-Op that puts cost prohibitive technology into the hands of low-income

Alternate Routes is our most successful program in terms of mission,
impact, and participation. The program teaches children creative problem
solving and how to use tools safely, effectively, and (ultimately)
independent of adult assistance. All classes are held in renovated
transit buses and trailers. Our mobile classrooms house individual
woodworking stations custom made for children. Each station is equipped
with hand

tools, adjustable workbenches, supplies and materials: everything needed
to create a multitude of woodworking projects.


We are seeking exceptional, motivated, creative professionals who
possess many of the following traits:

- You're responsible, courteous, reliable, and prompt

- Working knowledge of basic woodworking techniques

- Background in visual arts and/or creative woodworking

- Prior experience teaching / working with children

- Good DMV record (no DUI's or serious accidents)

- A licensed driver for at least 5 years

- You're "comfortable" driving large vehicles

- You're bright, think quickly on your feet, and can control
little kids using sharp tools on a school bus (along with another

- Be able to balance a part-time, flexible schedule as a teacher
with your other work (rate of pay starts at $15/hour only part-time,
includes prep time)

- Can lift 35 lbs. unassisted


Please submit a cover letter, resume and 2 references to> . Position is open until
filled by a suitable candidate. Side Street Projects looks to connect
with artists and/or educators that are interested in maintaining a
long-term relationship with the organization.

Teachers are reviewed every June based on teaching skills, woodworking
skills, trouble shooting students' design work, relationships with
parents and partners, professionalism, efficient time use and

Side Street Projects is a 501(c)(3) non-profit visual arts organization
and an equal opportunity employer.

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