JOB: TA needed for Sp'13. ART 367 "Online Computer Arts" class at LMU

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Teaching Assistant needed for Spring 2013. ART 367 "Online Computer Arts" at Loyola Marymount University

We are looking for a TA for the ART 367 "Online Computer Arts" web-art and web-design class at LMU for this next Spring 2013 semester.

ART 367-01 70340 Class - Thursdays 1:35 pm-4:25 pm BURNS 214 Lab

This is a paid position, 3 hours a week.

The ideal candidate would be a current MFA candidate. Other's such as advanced undergraduates or alumni, graduates and working professionals will also be considered.

Students in the ART 367 "Online Computer Arts" learn web art and design using HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver CS6, Flash CS6 / ActionScript to create an online portfolio and an interactive artwork.

Candidates should have these background skills. WordPress background is also plus.

The class meets twice a week Tues/Thurs but the T.A. would be responsible for ONLY one day a week, on a single Thursday each week at 1:35pm-4:25pm.

Class begins Tues. Jan 15 and Ends Thurs. May 2. Classes do NOT meet on Mar 7 (Spring Break) Mar 28 (Easter Break)

The T.A. would help to assist students with their projects and answer questions but would not be required to conduct lectures or lesson plans. This is an exciting and important class. In the past we have had T.A.s from UCLA, Otis, and CSULB.

If a candidate has an appropriate skill set, interest and availability, please immediately email a short message with resume and links to your online portfolio and online projects.


Professor Michael Brodsky
Head of Multimedia

Department of Art and Art History
Loyola Marymount University
I LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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