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Need a career boost? Looking for a mentor?

Apply for APAL (Arts Professionals Advisor Link), the Emerging Arts
Leaders/Los Angeles mentorship program!

Now concluding it’s third year, APAL is a participant-administered program
that affords Advisees not only the chance for valuable mentorship but also
professional development in program planning and implementation. Aided by
EAL/LA’s Leadership Council and past program participants, APAL Advisees
select their own Advisors who they meet with at least four times on
mutually agreed upon topics with an emphasis on the Advisee’s areas of
interest. In addition to these one-on-one meetings, APAL participants plan
mixers and a culminating event for all APAL Advisees and Advisors. This
program format allows participants to not only gain valuable insights from
their selected mentors, but to also have a supportive “book club-like”
experience where they not only from their own mentorship journeys but also
from their peers and other mentors.

“I can’t say enough positive things about my participation in APAL this
year. The program has provided a strong platform for networking with both
peers and established leaders in the arts and cultural sector, and has
fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among members of our cohort. It is a
rare and special opportunity for an emerging leader to have the chance to
bounce around ideas, hopes, challenges and dreams with a well-respected
mentor like Claire Peeps. As someone who has recently taken on a lot of
responsibility within a small cultural organization, her guidance has been
essential for my professional development this year. Additionally, Claire’s
connections to the arts community at large have provided me with the
opportunity to meet many leaders in the field and be exposed to a diverse
range of insights and perspectives.”

-Shayna Keller, 2012 APAL Participant, Executive Co-Chair EAL/LA, Managing
Director, Dance Resource Center

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Strengthen your leadership capacity.

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More information about the program here.

Submit your application by Monday, December 31 at 11:59pm PST.


Contact Kelly Christ, EAL/LA Programming Chair, at

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