Job Posting: Site Coordinator for Ryman Arts

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Site Coordinator

Working under the regular supervision of the Education Manager, the Site
Coordinator provides support for Ryman Arts classes on site, as well as
in outreach efforts and recordkeeping. This position will involve
coordinating the logistics of weekly Saturday classes at California
State University, Fullerton, coordinating the outreach efforts to
recruit new students for Ryman Arts, keeping records on students and
tracking information about both students and schools. Ensuring clear
communication between the Los Angeles and Orange County sites will be a
key part of this position.

To see all the details of this position including how to apply, download
the job description from our website, here:

Rebecca Tuynman

Education Manager

Ryman Arts

315 W. Ninth St. Suite 806

Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 629-2787

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