Artist call: Nurture The Environment Festival

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Location: The Expo Arts Center 4321 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, Ca
Date: Sunday November 18, 2012
Hours: 3:00-9:00pm

Community Connectome presents Nurture The Environment on Sunday November 18, 2012 from 3-9pm featuring an art exhibition, musical performances, a conference, and creative re-use workshops. The underlying theme for this event is coastal conservation. All artists, speakers, and musical performances are involved purposefully to cultivate an environment of beach-lovers aiming to save their home while inspiring their neighbors to do the same. All ages are invited to come together and thrive in this culture we've created to promote the nurturing of the environment, our own bodies, and our own minds.

For Nurture The Environment Community Connectome organizes three major segments of production: an exhibition showcasing local visual artists working with original projects inspired by coastal conservation; a concert featuring musical performers under genres such as Reggae, Surf Rock, Dubstep, and Ska; and a conference led by guest speakers whom are dedicated to the protection and sustainability of Pacific coast environments and work with organizations that strive to save these environments. Each segment carefully reflects and expand's the festival's theme.

We still need video artists willing to present an either past or current project showcasing environmental issues, the aesthetics of mother nature, and concepts involving coastal conservation.
Anything relevant to the theme will work fine.
Videos will be projected through the eyes of an up cycled robot.

Deadline is Nov. 15th

Please contact me for further info- Brittney Carranza (562)-746-6099

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