Featured Member: Scot Nery

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Featured Member: Scot Nery


Starting with professional magic shows at age 11, Scot Nery’s career of strange and funny performance has touched boatloads of people worldwide. Scot’s comedy has found refugees in comedy clubs, rock clubs, the streets, and amphitheaters. He performed in Scotland, Japan, toured with Brooks & Dunn, was a clown at Sea World, produced his own theater cooking show, and created his own style of juggling and joke writing. Movies, commercials, living rooms, and arenas have been painted with fun-blood as Nery slays the beast of boredom daily. You might find him creating a comedy website, or teaching a workshop while not on stage, but the stage is his home.

If you see Scot Nery live, you’ll most likely see some combination of comedy and unusual juggling such as pancake flipping, tricks with beer coasters, a backpack escape manipulations with foam cups, buckets or duct tape. Scot is so prolific, his bio reads more like a list of lists than a story.

The San Francisco Weekly said... "Freaks are a precious natural resource. They thrill us, mystify us, and cause us to shake our heads and ponder the meaning of life, just like, uh, giant rock formations. Anyone who says different probably hasn't ever witnessed Scot Nery live onstage in any of his hysterically weird incarnations..."