Colors of Life by Lark (Larisa Pilinsky)

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Colors of Life by Lark (Larisa Pilinsky)

Colors of Life
Each artist and musician sees and feels the colors of life in a different way. How do you personally see and feel the colors of life? Does your artwork create a new reality and color the people and events around you? What inspires your imagination and ignites your creative fire?

Larkgallery Online invites artists and musicians from around the world to share the kaleidoscope of their colors and sounds. To submit your art or music, please click here:,?strong>

Here is how it works:
Artists submit their images to our new International Online Fine Art Competition "Colors of Life".

Musicians browse through art at LarkGallery Online exhibitions, choose a work of art that evokes a musical response and send us their composition/performance. If chosen, their music will be visually embedded online under the inspirational artwork.
Our main juror in the art competition is Peter Frank, senior curator at the Riverside Art Museum and editor of Fabrik magazine. Our main juror in the music competition is Laurence Vittes, critic and contributor for Gramophone, HuffPost Arts and The Hollywood Reporter.