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Adventures for the Average Woman Cover Page

Since 2005, Adventures for the Average Woman has been a stepping stone for writers on the arduous climb up the steep path to publication. It has been our honor and privilege to be the first opportunity for many writers to get their start as well as to help promote the books of up-and-coming writers. Although we are but a small piece in the publishing puzzle, we have contributed to the careers of dozens of writers to date. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“You have done a lot for me, giving me a stage to display my work and support in your oh so kind e-mails.” - Margaret C. Elam, Author of The Gift

“I will always remember you for giving me that chance that allowed me to believe in myself and my work.” - Genita Hill, author of My Very Special Brother,

““Terrific magazine!!! I'm very impressed with the variety of entertainment value. Many kudos to you, and thank you so much for including me. ... ...simply stated, you're awesome.” - Michael Mehas, Author of Stolen Boy,

Thanks Laurie. [My story] looks great! And thank you very much for the picture you chose for my page. It's beautiful! I look forward to seeing the hard copies.” - Ali Alavi, Author of The Tombland’s Tale.

“Your work is very motivational!“- Dr. Rosalie Contino, Author of Born to Create

”I loved Walter Mitty, very interesting and I'd like to know more!!! Let's make a difference together.“ - Mary Gleeson, Executive Producer, Lighthouse Entertainment Productions and author of Reality Bites

“Thank you for your encouraging and kind words!” - Beate Boeker, Author of Wings to Fly,

“Thanks for the wonderful spot for High Spirits in your e-zine.” - Dianne Salemi, Author of High Spirits.

“You're absolutely the best!” - Christy French, Author of The Body Guard and the Dog Show

Every issue purchased helps support us in giving writers a chance to showcase their work. We’re always looking for stories, articles, poetry, artwork for our quarterly issues, including our upcoming issues. So send us your submissions now and get published today!


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No, I haven't disappeared off the map! Yes, my creative endeavors are manifesting in major ways. Just look how far my magazine, "Adventures for the Average Woman," has come! We are featuring artists and writers from all over America and the world. Take a peak at and share in the adventure.

"Boldly go wherever your imagination takes you."
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