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Los cuartetos vol. 2 (Quartets vol. 2)

Hi friends amp.

the 13th june was released Los cuartetos vol. 2 (Quartets vol. 2) published in CD Baby. They´re the numbers 5,6,7 and 8. It´s able and soon in other servers online as Amazon or iTunes.

The cover is mine too and I used the last Los cuartetos (Quartets) combining other colors as "be continued".

You can to listen and buy in the next link:

Enjoy it!!

Thanks to amp in this space for promotion.

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Los Panza y sus Baratarias (Suite para la estupidez humana) 2013

Yesterday was publisehd in CD Baby my album Los Panzas y sus Baratarias (Suite para la estupideza humana).
A suite composed for six pieces inspired the Cervantes´ book Don Quijote and his character Sancho Panza. So the music was borned before to be titled, with nockinly, I´m doing a relation where music and idea are fussioned as if was one in one.
The concept is a opposition about nacionalism and independences when the Human want to go on contrarie direction.

You can to listen this pieces in streaming in this link:

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MIRADORES 2.003 market expands online

Dear friends.

In this year of celebrations for me, ten year as composer, MIRADORES, my first album released in 2.003 expand online.

The next list you can to get all servers online who are selling this album.



Amazon mp3

Apple iTunes

Beyond Oblivion



Google Music Store



JB Hi-Fi


Mondia Media

Muve Music

MySpace Music





Samsung Music Hub



Slacker Radio



Xbox Music


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Cuentos en blancas y negras (score)

The website oficial you can to get Cuentos en blancas y negras (Stories white and black), as payment. A pianistic method for children inspired the classical stories as Litle red riding hood.

Is a method funny, interest for children whom studie piano.

Format .pdf on file .RAR or .ZIP.

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Recapitulando: ten years in music

Recapitulando (Back time) ten year of music.

Since MIRADORES (Perspectives) 2.003 to today haven´t only benn ten years. I have seen changes in my style, orchestratiion but ever alégranse about my way to compose.

Recapitulando (Back time), so with these changes, has signals from all works I released. Flashes of moments in my memory and my heart.

In all honesty, I haven´t been a famous artista, so little morem but my works hasn´t had any impact. After all, that money is for donate. I would be a fool if I didn´t take account as all artista, there isn´ t other satisfaction which other admire your works and love it, but this isn´t other one a twist of fate in my life not only artistic.

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TRIPARTITO: an album for Christmas

Dear friends from amp artist:

I would like to remember you TRIPARITTO, an album contain musical´ Christmas and you can to gei it in several sites as Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby as subtitle INVERNAL.

Whole the money from sells from my albums are sent to socials and soldaries prjects.

Thanks for to be there.

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Ready Website Oficial

Dear friends:

The new Website Oficial is ready for yours. You should to link in your Favorites because is dificult to get it in search as Google.

Enjoy it!

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Disable Website Oficial berekekê

The Official Website of berekekê be disabled within a week.
The reason is because of Webgarden nonsense that has placed ads on third party without notice relevant web content.

For the moment, does not provide a new web oficial.Manteneos alert, you will be informed when there is a.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. thanks

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Los cuartetos (The quartes) berekekê

Dear friends from amp:

A new album was released and published in CD Baby, the musical megastore online.

Well, Los cuartetos is a new album is leaving the piano as mena actor (you could read discography).

In this time I were learning to play erhu, the traditional chinese violin and I just began to work in my quartets for string.

I can´t to say I really had created some style novelty, perhaps I would want to offer my personal vision with my creative tools and thinking in other cultures or creative motives.

Four quartes with three movements as one you can to listen or to buy in this link.

Emjoy it!


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The only one Website oficial berekekê

Dear friends:

Now I has the only one Website Oficial in spanish and english. You can to visit it in:

Enjoy it!

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